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Don’t ever hide your head My shit been going up I have the widest spread The Midas touch to gold but turn to dust get bust upside your head Keep the toolie shit not hammer practice She grant me random access I know what the math is Found knowledge of self my name not Cassius Rob your plug on the fabrics you’re under average My cougar bitch get alimony from her marriage Now we popping shit me and my flip ride horse carriage Can’t fuck with people like Dr Sebi say don’t eat carrots I hit hit his ass with no mask a special appearance I don’t do no walk throughs lord put that money up My money up, me and all my bitches getting tummy tucks My hoe she made a major shift Got bread like Taylor swift She don’t be on stage for shit but she can stage some shit My trap not moving slow boy my shit razor quick I m not giving no samples you gotta pay for this I put that on my mama and the queen I had my baby with That money money coming I’m never straying away from it This for all the times I had to wait for it Wait for it, run in your spot we in your safe for it My prissy bitch from Winston Salem want to wake forrest She about to break the bank for us She know I’m a popping jay, My spot is not for stay You broke with a lot to say That shot don’t rock my way Fuck a diss track, come get your whip clapped Big facts, sit back my bitch kick back for six racks Told you before they’ll bring it to your mother door You dodged one god but what about the other four By the time the pound dropped I had another four The trigger pull like a over door
Going across the board like monopoly Flipping property so we can have a spot in privacy My cousin sitting on a armed robbed offense He don’t even care he with the shits She said the lord the greatest I’m convinced I let my hands rinse now I’m holding racks like Stan smith My older brother a felon theres no Japan trips Junky smoke it out a can quick lord understand this Im at the venue six deep like on some band shit Don’t give a fuck about her body cont or if my man hit She said invest me I said oh best believe They want to taste test a key shit thats a extra g Im nothing like bill Cosby in the seventies She fuck with the lord because shit is heavenly We should put this on wax unlimited Because they gone get the shit like a last minute Christmas gift Im really not trying to link now You a bitch before you piss put the seat down Not about to sign to a label unless its street style I need $500 a verse and thats a freestyle I done learned it all shit I can teach now But fuck them niggas I don’t reach out This Mac is a symbol of power Every hour, skirt out Eddie bauer pound of sour Fuck all that internet talking I’m in the town you coward Paper coming all around the hour Came up off of coca leaf reciting poetry Keep a hoe with me, but aint no hoe in me Already know thats its on go with me Group of bad bitches like floetry How every body working still not drop shit Pop smiths, paint the picture like dirty chop sticks Chop sticks for a P or 3 keep the block rich Block bitch serve the whole hood keep the block lit I don’t see no Charlotte OGs I put my self on Got the tracking number from the package off the cell phone She put her belt on and got the hell on She wish that we can build my Time tied like her hair long I need a self made bitch like Kylie Jenner Soon she let me fuck I’m cuming in her, time for dinner Wine and dinner, only the divine can enter No swine can enter, her temple to fuck put her placenta Free the lord rather right or wrong I’m riding with him Apply the knowledge but no five perecnter I used to study Hebrew now I know 5 percenters Who said the Blackman god and keep that god within us I aint trying to work unless you signing us And you gotta drop jewels like diamond diggers I don’t be around them niggas You on the wave or you drowning in it


Four projects deep into 2019, Lord Jah-Monte Ogbon hasn’t slowed his creative output in the slightest. Jewelry Rap, Alkaline Water and God Body & Soul each represented a different facet of the multi-talented Charlotte MC’s rap career, as Jah-Monte and his pen explored the soulful, the gritty, and the epic in equal measure. It’s expected at this point that each new project would feature either one producer tapping in for a singular, cohesive sound, or that multiple beatmakers would converge on a release of more ambitious scope. On Infinite Wisdom Jah-Monte is able to draw from both approaches, and the results are perhaps his best to date. 

This project’s chosen collaborator is Sadhugold, an established producer from Pennsylvania that any fan of underground hip-hop at its most raw and genuine should know. The beat selection here is absolutely impeccable, they tremble and quiver under bloodthirsty Jah-Monte bars: ‘In the flesh my bitch lavishly dressed, no I don’t do no rap beef so you get stabbed in the neck’, ‘I got the world at my fingertips, duct tape bangers. I’m bout to make my bitch sex tape famous’. The brevity of songs like ‘Cocaine Powder’ only drive home the earthy, cracked textures of Sadhu’s beats, as Jah-Monte spits enough fire to fill an entire album of raps. Other songs are more fleshed out: ‘God In Him’ has the strongest potential to be a crowd favourite thanks to it’s incredible hook, but it also operates as a great piece of storytelling and a vicious tirade characteristic of the rapper’s music. ‘Gave n***** the pass, now I ain’t playing. My gun handle I wrapped in a rubber band’ is a lyrical takeaway from this joint.

As with all of his offerings so far this year, Infinite Wisdom keeps the guest appearances to a minimum. In fact, the only guests here are Fly Anakin and Big Kahuna, who both star on the breezy groove of ‘Most Notable’. The MC ensures that he remains centre stage however, as he opens the song with ‘My white hoe she real reserved like she voted for Bush’. Jah-Monte is always the most dynamic presence on songs he appears on, he’s just too full of life and energy to be anything but a jaw-dropping wordsmith every time he opens his mouth on a track.

The outside production that appears here is fantastic too, ohbliv contributes cheery loops and Graymatter shows out with a slinking, muted backdrop for Jah-Monte’s fiery performance to scorch. Infinite Wisdom not only features some of the rapper’s most memorable performances to date alongside his usual penchant for dark, incredibly witty lyrical topics, but it sees him elevate into a new space solely reserved for rappers that have totally, unequivocally conquered their chosen field. It’s likely that this project will go on to be Jah-Monte’s strongest, and that’s a significant achievement when examining the rest of his discography.


released February 10, 2020


all rights reserved



jaH-Monte OF MELENATED PEOPLE Charlotte, North Carolina

Lord Jah-Monte Ogbon’s meteoric rise as an artist has been the product of hard work, and his extensive and eclectic discography proves it. Going from a local Charlotte artist to a country-touring tour-de-force, the now Brooklyn-based rapper is set to conquer the world with his razor-sharp rhymes and immaculate ear for production. ... more

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