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With the death rate of black people at the hands of police brutality, and the influx of derogatory 
stereotypes plaguing the black community at an all time high, rapper Jah-Monte (formerly known as King Callis) arrives back to the music scene offering encouragement and empowerment to the community and beyond.
Testing Her Creation (Food For Thought 2) by Jah-Monte, is the second project set to release arriving 2 1/2 years after his first project "Brunch". You can find interviews with the artist speaking on being both disappointed and frustrated about his first project not being as successful as he initially expected. He states that during his time off, the cases of police brutality in the black community- specifically Sandra Bland and Korryn Gaines- touched him and inspired him to create something dedicated to celebrating black women & enlighten the black community in general.
Testing Her Creation is heavily reminiscent of classic late 90's & early 2000's Hip Hop & R&B. With the help of producer Ki of NC, the cadence of Jah-Monte's rhythmic yet confident rapping style makes the cool and occasionally heavy subject matter of the songs easy to digest. The melodically catchy hooks and chorus on each song make an imprint on your mind, making each song so unforgettable that you can't help but sing along.
This project is something everyone should have in rotation not just this month, but every day of the year!


released February 19, 2017



all rights reserved


jaH-Monte OF MELENATED PEOPLE Charlotte, North Carolina

A Ohio native, Akron, Ohio to be exact, King Callis started writing music at the age of 10 however it wasn't until his teenage years that he started actually recording his music and taking it seriously. The move to Charlotte, North Carolina and later meeting a few key players in the underground music scene gave Callis the breakthrough he needed to cement him into the scene as a major player. ... more

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Track Name: Amani Ulimwengu
If (Niggas) nice what you consider me •
I don't be responding to twitter beef •
we in the same town • the feel of being black and proud like James brown • watch how you throw my name around • don't take it to kindly • callis tower where you find me • bussing guts puffing blunts in the stair case like the 90's • no record demos me and zel lit in a limo • it's in the timbo's any problem we out the window • smooth with it like we were never there • told me callis drown out my sorrows in some belvedere • oh yeah? 17 gone be a better year • black skin from Capetown to Gettys square • elders said you can't remove the past • every man must choose his path • I hope it's wise transform in front of your eyes • break bread with the goddess and gods •

Hook : Where we at let's bring the feeling back • Hip-Hop from Columbia snow hill and back • tell the people that the real is back • peace to universe they feeling that • x 2

Verse 2 : This for the ones nice when it's mic night • but don't cipher with me cause I'm Christ like • not self given • summit records been cooking inside of Hell's Kitchen • told me hold up because the scale tipping • it's the greatest better bare to witness • it's like a crop sharing business • how I'm taxing you • asking to match trying to relax with you • but can't keep up in rap with you that's when they show they attitude • Autumn said she ain't falling for no rapper dudes • cause (niggas) not compatible • show you love to the maximum not the minimal • in a divine state because you God like in general • and for that you deserve the praise • evolution from a human at a early age • all the times you had to hold it down for 30 days • can't tell me that this is just a phase •
Track Name: Mnyama-Phakade F. JayPluss, Queen P, Indigo Jo
HOOK : Between me and you I kinda like being black • melenated skin how enticing is that • cause black never crack how exciting is that ? • how exciting is that ? how exciting is that ? •

Verse : say she feel it from my energy • the vibration she's putting into me • study the knowledge the elders left and they sent for me • dropping from memory slaying for hella more centuries • want me to dumb it down or they gone censor me • Martin Luther king style but who the king now ? • I penned this for the sake of just watching my queen smile • and who ever she bring around Colin kappernick knee style on the field • like we taking a stand • keep it pushing until we on MTV like making the band • shalom shalem because he came with a plan • amber rose with the scam make some grands off the man • bring it back to the hood keep it black owned • though we not trying to interview on tax stone • too many brothers doing time for crack stones where we at Rome? • bring it back home •

Hook :

Feel the love in her melenated skin • came with knowledge for my educated kin • time to re connect and build so we can teach the shorties • it's more than life than trapping or drinking 40's • out the bando • look at the lives lost in Orlando • put down the phones and become more hands on • society is not the same we have variety • keep your mind clear with sobriety never lie to me • honestly I love being dark • feel the love from my heart the key of life like the ankh • so I can teach you this • eat with my people food for thought feed you this • Malcom and Martin surely would preach you this • the elders say that we gone see through this they're the key to this • it's like a celebration for all the melenated folk • especially if you woke •
Track Name: Mo nife e (I LOVE YOU) F. Just Chainz
My guardian angel showed me you slowly sold me • rest your arms over my shoulder hold me love me soley • can you be the one to join me in holy matrimony • and the rest of our life guided by yeshua • I had a premonition of our first encounter • the day we met now we live in love and won't forget • the small things that make each other smile • like buying you flowers talking for ours • on the quest to find self worth I found love • and this soul journey is touching my soul • heard a song that describe you in every way • from your childhood tone of your voice touch and your shape • a vibrating being of light • Zues asked me what is time on the patio as we ciph • it's like a bond we're connected life • and I swear Ima do right •

Hook : this love I can't replace • hesitation erase • caught up in love embrace • we go so hard in love • we go so hard x 4 •

Verse : this the type of love I used to dream about • think of the vibes Aretha franklin would bring around • the power of speaking things into exsistence • is it stalking or being persistent • don't fault me for being consistent • this the type of love I've been waiting on • dancing in the mirror to my favorite song • me and Demarcus running from the store racing home • the ones who earned love the least need it the most • I just needed to cope, do you can see my growth • am I the one that you thought I was or a thousand miles away from it • I tried to stray away from it • the perception on stage is like a phase • it's like a bond we're connected through • and spiritually I connect with you •